Loose Panic is a New Jersey/Philly-based indie-rock band that combines influences from Americana and roots rock, 90s alternative and indie, and various other styles to create music that addresses the feelings of anxiety, loss, anger, and occasional joy that come with living in 21st century America.

Loose Panic is:

Jarret Crawford (songwriter; lead vocals; rhythm guitar)
Anthony Carlisi (bass)
Liam Hare (drums)
Max Blauer (lead guitar)

Loose Panic's debut EP, In Hindsight, was released in January 2023. Click the button below to listen now, and join the mailing list for all updates on performances and new releases!



Praise for In Hindsight

"I heard so many different things going on in the 5 songs on "In Hindsight" that I was hard pressed to categorize the music, except to say that it is amazing! Each song has an energy, emotion, melody... Stop reading and just go listen to the EP!" -Lazlo,

“In Hindsight is an interesting set because half the EP sounds like the post grunge arena anthems of the 90s like Smashing Pumpkins, and then half is very alt-country, almost like Wilco’s Being There, so it’s very much like two different worlds, but very awesome at the same time.” -John Vettese, WXPN Philadelphia.

Read an interview about the In Hindsight EP:

Praise for So Pretty

"So Pretty" is a downright lovely song- indie rock with shoegaze elements. It reminds me of what I was listening to when I graduated from HS- early Verve, Ride, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine... but the chorus has a more grungey vibe. It's soaring, euphoric and well-produced. Well done, I dig it. In fact, this is the best of what I heard on Friday so keep going." -Adrienne Lake, Daydream Believer Creative